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The Apostolic Succession of the Bishop Ian Adkins:

Ian James Louis Adkins was consecrated suffragan bishop to the ordinary of the Uniformed Services Diocese of the Old Catholic Church of the Americas (OCCOA) and titular bishop of El Toro, in California, on August, 16th, 2014 by Michel Joseph Pugin, primate of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (CACINA); assisted by Joseph Paul Smith, OCCOA bishop of California, and Ubaldo Leli, OCCOA bishop of New York, acting on a mandate from the OCCOA synod.

Michel Joseph Pugin was consecrated Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of Outaouais of the Catholic Apostolic Church in Canada on May 1st, 1993 by Justo Roque Gonzalez Trimiño, chancellor of the (Brazilian) Christian Apostolic Church of Nations (ICAN) in the United States, primate of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (CACINA) and bishop of New York; assisted by Jose Juan Villegas, suffragan bishop of New York and president of the college of bishops (CACINA), and Joseph Hladney, CACINA bishop of  Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Justo Roque Gonzalez Trimiño was consecrated  CACINA bishop of Manhattan and Trenton on March 5th, 1989 by Dom Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez, patriarch of the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church (ICAB), assisted by Dom Bartolomeu Sebastião Vilela, coadjutor bishop of Brasilía.

Luiz Fernando Castillo Mendez was consecrated bishop for the Venezuelan Catholic Apostolic Church (ICAV) on May 3rd, 1948 by Carlos Duarte Costa, primate and founding bishop of the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church (ICAB), assisted by Dom Salomão Ferraz, another bishop consecrated by Duarte Costa who later returned to the Roman Catholic Church and was accepted as a valid bishop by Pope St. John XXIII, thereafter made titular bishop of Eleutherna.

Carlos Duarte Costa was consecrated the Roman Catholic bishop of Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil, and titular bishop of Maura, on December 8th, 1924 by Sebastião Leme de Silveira Cintra, titular bishop of Orthosia who was later cardinal and archbishop of Rio de Janeiro. Duarte Costa established the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church (ICAB) on July 6th, 1948, following expulsion from the Roman Catholic Church by Pope Pius XII.

(The remaining succession is shared with the Roman Catholic Church.)

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