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Contact details--a series of puzzles.

Let's say you need to need to contact me.  Well, I'm not going to just type my e-mail address for every bot, spider, and idiot!  If you want it, you'll have to work for it.

First letter is also the first letter of the name of the world's second most populous nation.  Second letter is the first letter (I think you get the mechanics of this) of the name of the largest continent.  Third letter, the eighth planet of our solar system.  Next is a typographic mark that looks like a snail but is likely medieval shorthand for the Latin word "ad."  Next, the region of Southeast Asia formerly ruled by the French.  Next, a country in the Western hemisphere named for the Latin word for silver.  Next, an island off the coast of Massachusetts formerly known for whaling.  Next, another island, one that King Alfred the Great lived on in the Somerset marshes.  Next, a river in Eastern Europe for which a waltz is named.  Next, the former name of Cambodia.  Next, a river originating in the Himalayas which separates Pakistan from India.  Next, a desert known for its red sands in southwestern Africa.  Next, the mountain range separating California from Arizona and Nevada.  Next, what the British (and formerly telegraph operators) call a "full stop."  Next, the name of a popular, though exaggerated, map projection.  And last, the modern name for what was formerly called Abyssinia.

Wasn't that fun?  Okay, say you need to get a hold of me by telephone.  I won't provide the country code, of course, but this should be easier.   Take three billion, five hundred eighty two-million, six hundred fifty-seven thousand, eight hundred and three.  Now multiply that by two.  Add one.  Et voilą !

Update: My number has changed.  Similar math trick though.  Four billion, seven hundred forty-seven million, six hundred and sixty-four thousand, eight hundred and ninety-nine.  Multiply by two.

Remember: With great power comes great responsibility.  Abuse this knowledge and I will abuse you.

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