Bubble portrait


My name is Ian Adkins, philosopher, artist, historian, clergyman, charity worker, and all-around good guy.

Welcome to my website.  You will notice it looks like something from the early web; this is deliberate.  Hopefully in your perusings here you will get to know me a bit better, along with some of my pet interests and fondest rants.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll call the authorities.  But you won't be bored.

Speaking of the authorities, if you're a member of the police, church hierarchy, neighborhood watch, PTA, potential employers, or the Women's Christian Temperance Union, then this website is explicitly not for you and you are straitly enjoined to bugger off.  Trespassers will be shot.

For everyone else with an inquiring mind and sense of humor, please be sure all your vaccinations are up-to-date, and enjoy.

Choose your fate!  Brave? then forge on.  Weak? dour? then go elsewhere.

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