Bubble portrait

Personal references (and slights).

"We should bottle Father Adkins and send him to South Africa."--A. Boesak, clergyman, anti-Apartheid activist, potential human trafficker/distiller

"This is the guy who did crossword puzzles in class long before fidget spinners were cool."--L. O'Connor, Methodist clergywoman

"[Ian Adkins] got called my husband because we would sit through village meetings knitting next to each other."--E. Buckthal, Presbyterian attorney

"The best Pope impersonator east of Cleveland."--D. Swackhammer, photographer and Alexander Pope expert

"Mr. Atkins' (sic) ordination is not recognized by the Episcopal Church."--D. D. Dunkin'-Probey (sic), Episcopal bishop and bishop critic

"A perfect son."--My mother

"Please see me in my office."--Unnamed professor

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